Adam Dener

Adam Dener is a managing director and a founding partner of Fermat Capital's trade-finance investment strategy. Adam has over 25 years experience in banking, accounting and trade-finance management services with specialization in private-placement credit origination, cash management, and collateral management. Prior to joining Fermat Capital in 2015, Adam was the managing director of trade finance at Conning. While there, he developed and led a ground-breaking initiative known formally as Working Capital Finance Investments (WCFI) and now codified as NAIC regulation SSAP 105. This initiative brought together banking and insurance regulators to establish trade credit as a permitted investment class for insurance companies. Prior to Conning, from 2008 to 2011, Adam was an executive in residence at Aquiline Capital Partners, where he developed a trade finance venture backed by private equity. Throughout his career Adam has managed various treasury business units and served as an advisor to banks, insurers and regulators. Adam holds a B.S. degree in marine biology from Cornell University (1984) and is a Cornell Tradition Fellow.